Random afterthoughts so far…..

Well, the highlight of the New York trip was meeting up with Yuka and Chige. It’s been years since we last saw Yuka, and 2 lovely daughters and a husband later, there was a lot to catch up on. Hopefully … Continue reading

Reflections on New York

Well, where to begin?  The last and only time that we were in New York was in 1989, and boy has it changed! Admittedly, we’ve travelled more since then, and therefore it’s less intimidating to us, but there’s just such … Continue reading

First Evening

It’s 20.50 here, but we’ve been up since midnight last night in NY time. Hotel is great, really lively, with roof top bar & great views. Like an American Mama Shelter! And lovely Dublin serveuse! We feel right at home. … Continue reading

On The Way

Just waiting for the gate to be announced for the BA flight to Heathrow, and the big adventure will really have started. Thanks for the blog site Theo, and dinner last night was a vast improvement on the last time! … Continue reading