As we get ready for bed, on our last night, this trip has made me wish that I knew more about my maternal grandfather, F JV Hansom, who lived and worked in India a long, long time ago. In fact, … Continue reading

Last Day Reflections.

Well, it’s our last full day in India. Where’s it gone? Firstly, Delhi. It’s not at all what either one of us expected. As we approached, about 30 kms out, we’ve never seen so much building going on. Huge blocks … Continue reading

It’s All My Fault!

OK, I own up. I shouldn’t have said over last night’s lovely dinner in Jaipur ” It looks as though we’re going to get through this holiday without being ill” En route to Agra and the Taj Mahal, via an … Continue reading

More Reflections On India

I suppose that the first thing that really sinks in is that there are people and activity everywhere. Even in the semi desert areas, when you think that you’re miles from anywhere, you cannot travel for 30 seconds without seeing … Continue reading