Thursday New Orleans

In the end, last night, we gave up on our Ceole experience as Doug was not feeling the best. We settled for a simple salad instead & then had an early night. Doug fell asleep straight away & I was … Continue reading

Wed afternoon

We went down to the Mall by taxi, had a quick walk around & I made a little purchase in Gap. This was an ‘outlet mall’ so my purchase had 40% off, a snip! On the way there we spotted … Continue reading

New Orleans Wednesday 

We had a lovely evening at the restaurant & came back to follow it with a good night’s sleep. Doug has been suffering a bit with a sore throat & because he can’t afford to let it worsen we decided … Continue reading

Natchez to New Orleans Tuesday

Our lazy afternoon outside was cut a bit short by an almighty thunderstorm which forced us indoors. We have been on the edge of a weather front for a few days now & have had storms & heavy rain. Most … Continue reading