Early Works.

Once we knew that the house sale was completed (Jan 2022) we had the site cleared of it’s completely overgrown hedges etc & gained lots of square metres.
Then in autumn we had a small wall built to close off the corner as you arrive at the site. It’s a very busy little corner during the school terms!
Then the site hut was delivered & the site “secured”.
After that the heavy machinery arrived & the fun started! We had visited all of the neighbours to warn them that we were starting the building & that access beyond us might at times be difficult. It’s a very narrow road going nowhere but to a few houses & the forest. Obviously we already know them & they were fine.
However, we’ve had an incredibly long & hot summer & autumn, with no storms & no rain & of course it started pouring down for days on end. Suddenly the site looked like a scene from the films Warhorse or 1917. The road was a complete mess, & will be for a while more yet, but it’s drier again now.

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