2022. The Last Post!

Hi Everyone.
Well this is the last post of 2022, with not much to report except that just before Christmas the walls started going up, which is real progress. A couple of photos attached.
The builders are closed this week between Christmas & New Year, but will be cracking on next week.
Bank holidays here (or jours fériés in French) are quite different. They are predetermined by date & are taken on the day they fall. And so this year they fall on Sunday & that’s it. When we first came here Christmas wasn’t celebrated in the same way. It was very low key, with New Year more prominent, but with the dreaded globalisation/Americanisation of the world & the power of supermarkets, it’s now the same here as everywhere else. A few years ago Christmas Eve & Boxing Day were ordinary working days & the builders would have been working this week.
There are some upsides though because if the jour férié falls on a Monday or Friday then it’s a long weekend & if it falls on a Tuesday or Thursday then lots of people “faire le pont” or bridge the gap to make it a really long weekend.
Anyway, hope that you enjoyed your Christmas & we wish you a very happy & very peaceful New Year.
See you in 2023.

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