There’s been lots of interest in our last post and the shuttering.
Basically the floor of the house will be “floating” over the vide sanitaire. The foundations of the walls are in, but the house will be stone faced, which requires a ledge on the outside. That’s the shuttering.
In the meantime this week has seen a lot of the pipes/tubes for the water in & out, electricity, comms, heat pump & air for the stove etc being put in before doing the floor. Many of the struts for the floor are in & all the insulation onto which the concrete for the floors will be poured is on site & ready to be installed. Can’t wait to see the cement wagons coming on site in convoy.
After that the beton cellulaire (cellular concrete) blocks for the walls can go up.
We’ve also finalised the positions of the wifi, speakers, controls for the TV/radio, music, computing etc. Just need to finalise the sockets for ethernet & electricity, which should be much easier when the walls are up.
Some photos below with some showing the blue skies & temperatures – it’s lunch outside weather in February. Sadly though there’s some more freezing weather with snow forecast in the next 15 days. Just hoping that we escape that!

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