Another Week

There’s lots of progress being made, with much of it hidden. Luckily the weather’s great again, freezing at night, but at the moment there’s no concrete involved.
The insulation is pretty big, and we need to talk to our architects as to why 2 types are being used. There are the enormous polystyrene blocks, but there are also the chipboard squares with a different insulation type fixed underneath them. Not easy for the on-site team working in the vide sanitaire.

We’ve also finalised the wood burning stove with an air supply from outside directly to it. The stove is a back-up in the case of any electricity cuts.
Also decided on the kitchen extractor fan which will be a filter/recycling type.
Both of these are special because the house will be passive, meaning that it’s virtually a sealed box. Therefore the air in the house circulates within it’s own system, & as it leaves the house it passes through a heat extraction unit so that we can re-use the heat! Otherwise we’d have to have doors/windows open to use both the kitchen & woodburning stove!!

We’ve also mostly planned the electric, TV & entertainment systems through 1 control room, & the ethernet and wifi systems & positions. We’ve specified the number of sockets switches, lights etc but will wait for the internal walls to go up before final decisions.
We’re also nearing a resolution to the position of our only TV, which for the first time in our lives will be in our lounge. In France in new builds you are legally obliged to have TV sockets in other rooms as well!
And so maybe not much to see but lots going on.
We just hope that these nights of heavy frosts stop soon, but they’re forecast for the next 10+ nights. A couple of photos.

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