Almost There.

We’re nearly ready to put in all the concrete for the entire floor. All the ground insulation is in, most of the reinforcement is in & all the conduits for water, electricity, air for the stove etc are all installed & poking out from the base.
All being well the freezing weather should be over by midweek. Then there’ll be a fleet of cement wagons disturbing the village, which will be different from what’s being disturbing us this week.
The French army has had an enormous military exercise from Sète on the Med to Cahors just north of us, and we’ve had tanks, armoured cars & some very impressive hardware parked up here in the village. There are no photos because they had seriously armed guards patrolling, all very polite but…!
Our épicerie at the end of the road has been full of squaddies buying everything. Coincidentally the épicerie has also had a full page article in La Dépêche, our SW France newspaper, today.
The squaddies have been sleeping in the salle de fête (village hall), & again they’re all very polite.
It’s never dull here!

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