Stage 1 Over

After some very iffy weather this week, Thursday was glorious. The cement wagons came in regularly all morning, one after the other, manoeuvring up the very narrow lane. The cement passes into a second vehicle with a very long reach over the whole site & off you go.
It covered all of the basic floor, the dalle, from 5 wagons.
The team were grafting to keep up with it but the end result is wonderful. It’s now left to dry & a week on Monday we hope to start on the walls!!
Of course on Thurs evening we had a huge storm, our first for months & a real downpour, but all is well today. There’s more rain forecast for the next week, which we really need & which won’t do any harm to the concrete.
We’re now getting some tricky news concerning supply problems for the huge windows, for the woodburning stove etc. It’s going to be tight!
But significant progress.
Unfortunately the videos are too big for our web site. I’ll have a word with Theo to see if we can change that.

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