There’s been a full 2 weeks to allow the entire concrete base of the house to dry completely. Last Friday at our weekly meeting our architects were really cheering us up with the news that the walls would start going up on Monday when the team returned. This did look a bit optimistic to us as there had been no deliveries of the materials! And so it turned out.
No-one arrived Mon/Tues & still no deliveries. After enquiries from us the builders & architects promised a start on Weds, however no-one was there again. That wouldn’t be so bad if someone contacted us but complete silence.
Onto the architects again & a firm promise for Friday with an enhanced team. They don’t seem to know why there’s been no action.
Thursday we went up at lunchtime & there’d been a delivery! A couple of workmen on site promised us a big team tomorrow-Fri. It still doesn’t look like a sufficient delivery yet either!
We have our weekly meeting tomorrow morning & maybe we’ll get to the bottom of it?
It’s the complete “radio silence” which infuriates us in the days of immediate messaging. A text/e-mail/telephone call is all that it takes. We can’t afford any slippage! Plus it’s been wonderful weather all week.
The site this afternoon shown below.

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