Good News/Bad News Week

The good news is that the walls are going up quickly & we can walk around inside & picture the spaces much more easily now. It is all very exciting!
The bad news is that the builders are all on holiday next week & then there are plenty of bank holidays (jours fériés) coming up in the next few weeks that will eat into their working time.
The really bad news is that our architects put in yesterday’s site meeting minutes that the builders are suddenly 7 weeks in arrears & can’t catch up. Strange since only a couple of weeks ago they were all saying that things were on schedule except for the delivery of the large windows.
The really really bad news is that no one told us directly, nor has given us any explanations.
We are not happy. Neither are we naïve & we know that delays happen. It’s the lack of contact & information that is annoying us.

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