The team’s been back & the walls are growing each day.
There’s some difficulty getting the lintels on order & so they’re making them on site this coming week. You can see where they’re preparing for them. The lintels over the enormous glass windows/doors of both sides of the lounge are a challenge.

We are assured that the pile of spoils will all be used in the infill, which is a shame as we had hoped to have enough stone to put in a wall all along the road. But moving it will certainly improve our view!
There’s some pressure being applied to recover some time & the architects are still saying end of October finish. We’ll have a better idea after next Friday’s meeting with all the contractors.
Last Monday & this Monday are both jours fériés, which means 4 day weeks with 2 more jours fériés in May.
To use a well known phrase ” France is a paradise inhibited by people who think it’s hell”
Recently there was a article in the Guardian by a student at Science Po, a very prestigious French university, which asked the French students to identify France in the pecking order for lots of statistics on life & politics in many of countries in the world, but with all the countries’ names removed.
Many of them easily identified the USA from the data.
Most DID NOT identify France, always choosing a result near the worst. When the countries were disclosed France was regularly near the top!!
Just to back up the paradise theory, there are three pictures of our temporary gîte.

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