Wedding Anniversaries

One of the joys of time travel is to be able to celebrate things for more than 24 hours. Last evening we received our first wedding anniversary greetings from Brian & Gillian and we had to wait 30 mins before celebrating it in French time. Then today we carried on in USA time. Thanks to Gillian at Audleys, the hotel in New Orleans greeted us at reception with “happy anniversary”, and then in our room we found a bottle of champagne & some lovely chocolates.
We had to chat to Ray, the concierge, about our 2 things pre-organised in New Orleans, and we mentioned our WA and asked for a restaurant for tonight that did NOT do deep fried shrimp, chicken, ham, pork, elephant, alligator etc (you get the picture!), and we got a recommendation. When we arrived, and got settled in, we were greeted with a complementary glass of champagne for our WA, courtesy of Ray!
Is there another time zone and we can carry on celebrating? It doesn’t feel like a day over 34 years!

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