New Orleans

I was beginning to think that we may not get to see too much of New Orleans!
On the drive down from Natchez, all the in & out of air-con, humidity and sleeping without open windows finally got to my throat. That, plus the trip to the medical drop-in centre, coupled with some pretty fierce storms, was meaning that we weren’t getting out and about as we’d hoped. Last night, I slept a full 12 hours & didn’t feel much better this morning. But we went on the walking tour of The French Quarter at lunchtime, and it was very good. At least now I feel as though we’ve arrived in New Orleans, and that there’s far more to it than Bourbon Street.
I’ve got the Satchmo voice now, ironically! What a wonderful world.
I’ll keep taking the pills and we’ll see what happens.
And the museum where we ended the tour had a little section on rocn’n’roll and Fats Domino, which brought the trip to a suitable end. And now for some jazz tonight.