Monday Natchez

Today is Memorial Day—- a national holiday. A lot of places are closed even restaurants. We went out after breakfast to see the one Museum dedicated to the Native American Indian & guess what, it was shut. We did, however, find a supermarket open & we were able to replenish our supply of sparkling mineral water. It was one of the few shops that we had been in that actually had fresh products like fruit, vegetables & meat!

We managed then to find the one road that got us down to the riverside & what was probably one of the oldest parts of town. A bit of light refreshment & then we came back to settle in for a lazy afternoon on the porch in the shade. Incidentally Jerry Lee Lewis played in a bar on this waterfront when he was only 15yrs old. He originates from these parts.

I’m going to post some photos of the main house & grounds. There are 26 acres here. This whole area is well known for the number of houses that survived the Civil War. Apparently the area was predominantly French at the time & they decided not to oppose the invading forces, consequently the houses remained intact.

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