Thur evening

We went out tonight heading for Bourbon St, which is where it all happens. It is always busy during the day,together with Royal St which runs parallel, but at night it is positively jumping. Obviously all the tourist flock here to promenade, eat & drink. We hit on a bar where the music was just starting, a live group playing blues & they were good. Afterwards we slowly walked back to our hotel but were struck by the number of sex joints, something we haven’t really seen in prudish America. Some of the advertising made me laugh e.g. ‘Real Drag Queens’—-oxymoron or what!!!

There is an Italian restaurant in the entrance to our hotel so we had a pizza. All the wines by the glass were listed by name & grape & were Italian & the waiter had a puzzled look when I asked if any of them were Sicilian. Not sure he knew where Sicily was.

Last day tomorrow, packing to do.