Good Night.

As I said to Lou when we were getting married — it will be many things, but it will never be boring!
Having been foiled in my brave attempt to burn down our beach chalet, I’ll have to try something else. Mind you, if all of the info concerning my Ayerverdic treatments is anywhere near true, I should be able to fly by Boxing Day.
Going out to buy a new bag will be interesting, & apologies to Chris & Joan, but the only other thing damaged was their money belt, which thankfully was empty! Will try to find a replacement.
And Indian wines are pretty good ( thank goodness). Might try Indian champagne tomorrow, ‘cos like the French, we’ll be celebrating tomorrow evening with a dinner on the beach.
A demain!


Pool is huge, must be 10x20m. It is in a fantastic spot & the watermelon juice on offer is Doug’s idea of heaven.
We have met the resident tailor & I can see shorts & shirt being ordered for D. Pashminas look good too.
Off to dinner on the beach quite soon. It’s a great life.




Exciting morning

I tried the yoga this morning—-getting up at 7h30 for an 8h00 class. It was very gentle & not too demanding, always interesting to see another teacher at work.
We had a leisurely breakfast by the sea & meandered through the morning until it was time for our 2nd round of treatments at midday. We noticed a smell in our room as we were leaving but thought that the gardeners were burning the stuff that they had collected during the morning. Not so!!! Our suitcases were on top of the wardrobe (tall husbands have their uses) & the
small hand luggage bag had dislodged a light fitting & was slowly smouldering. Luckily the cleaner came in as we left & realised what was happening. Net result—bag ruined but thatched roof & room still intact. How lucky is that. Shopping trip to be organised to find a replacement.
The treatments were much needed by that stage—& we have both calmed down again. Now just relaxing after lunch–a bit of reading perhaps a snooze & then a swim.